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Sonja has been dancing for many years and has been devoted to oriental dance since the very beginning of 2005. She won the 2008 Oriental Dance Contest, after which she began to teach dance and thus gained considerable experience in teaching. Her dance education in Croatia, Egypt, Hungary, Turkey and Slovenia with leading Croatian and world class oriental dance teachers is extensive. Thanks to her specific teaching style, combined with a cheerful spirit and a sense of humour, Sonja‘s classes end with a spontaneous applause, and attendees leave the class with a smile on their face.

Apolon Centre - holistic centre for exercise, dance, trainings, seminars, workshops, schools, classes, and programmes for all age groups. For more information visit its web site.

What do the participants say about Sonja's courses:

"Sonja's course is much more than the course itself. I have been dancing belly dance for years and I met Sonja in my dance beginnings. After a five-year break, I decided to take her course again because she is simply the most wonderful, the most cheerful, the most fabulous teacher on Earth and beyond. These few months with these girls is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me. I don’t  come here just for a course, I come for my weekly dose of laughter and happiness hormones. Yes, the course can be compared to chocolate. Joke aside, Sonja is, in addition to all the above, very competent, thorough, always ready to explain even the 16th time, always in a good mood (even when she is not), always ready to joke. If the above is not enough, then future participants will be attracted by themed classes (for Halloween, etc.) in which we dance movements from belly dance in fusion with everything we consider dance and music that is not very oriental, but makes you move your hips, because you know that famous saying: "Hips don't lie!" 🙂" Dora

"Sonja's classes are refreshing, a real boost for the mood - challenging, fun and often filled with laughter 😄

Very soon after enrolling in the course, I noticed big changes in body posture and pelvic flexibility, as well as gracefulness in movements, primarily the wrist (how nice it is to be irresistibly feminine while collecting dirty plates after lunch 😊).

From the very beginning, I liked the combination of the exoticism of distant lands and the playfulness that Sonja brings to her classes, all in a friendly and warm atmosphere, the class always lasts too short! Thank you!" Maja

"I started dancing belly dance about ten years ago and constantly moved from one school to another because I was not satisfied, I always missed something and my expectations were not met. After a long break, I started dancing at the Apolon Centre with Sonja. Already after the first lesson I said… that's it… a great teacher meticulous, patient, nice, the atmosphere is great, a lot of laughter, but also a lot of work. Too bad I was wasting my time before, considering I’m not very young! All praise!" S.M. (53)

"Belly dance classes with Sonja at the Apolon Centre are recreation, fun and relaxation at the same time, and Sonja is a great dance teacher, dedicated to her work, detailed and always in a good mood. I come with joy every time 😊" JTŠ

"I would definitely recommend Sonja as an instructor to anyone who wants to try belly dancing! Here's why. I encountered belly dance before attending the course at the Apolon Centre and that is why I have something to compare with Sonja's course. Although I didn't come as a beginner, it was only there that I realized that I had learned a lot of things incorrectly before. And that is because Sonja is very professional and extremely interested in explaining everything to you. She is persistent in teaching you things correctly the way you should. There is no problem if something is not clear to you at the first or the second (or any…) attempt, you are always free to ask questions and ask for some movement to be repeated. Sonja is very thorough and prepares well for every class. At the same time, the atmosphere is always pleasant, relaxed and unpretentious, because, in fact, you came to relax and have fun, and with that feeling and a smile, you leave the class.

The combination of professionalism and a pleasant and friendly approach makes Sonja an ideal instructor!

The benefits of belly dancing are numerous. One of my personal favourites is that I have learned to breathe more properly. At a recent singing workshop this helped me a lot in learning the singing technique.

Belly dancing is very beneficial for women's health. It affects good mood. It makes you feel more feminine. Hence, psychophysical gain!

And, perhaps the most important of all, with belly dance you grow to love your body more and learn that, regardless of your physical shortcomings (or maybe because of them) you are unique and inimitable.

Recommendation!" Marijana

"More than 10 years ago, I enrolled in a belly dance course. My first instructor was Sonja. Sonja is educated and very thorough in transferring knowledge in both the practical and the theoretical part of learning belly dance. Something very important, but often lacking in other instructors, is perseverance and perfectionism. Sonja drills to perfection and there is never enough repetition. And that is extremely important, especially with the initial steps, because it is difficult to correct wrongly learned movements later. In any case, it is a pleasure for me to attend Sonja's dance workshops because I know in advance that she will do them very thoroughly and with a lot of energy, and I feel great." Ana Špoljarić

"Oriental dance enabled me find more joy in my body and my femininity. With oriental dance, I gained flexibility and elegance in movement, incredible energy and a positive experience in every dance class, as well as the absence of menstrual and premenstrual difficulties. I discovered muscles that I didn't know existed and that they have a function of well-being if they are worked with. In addition to the fact that I enjoy more in being a woman, I enjoy going to our classes for the sole energy that is present in the space and that spreads between us, the group members are respectful and supportive, regardless of our individual possibilities. In today's time, when the concept of woman and femininity is placed in distorted frames, there is nothing more beautiful than being who you are in the circle of beautiful women and persons, sharing that special experience and enjoying it. Sonja is an exceptional instructor who cheerfully conveys the knowledge she has, and it is very pleasant to attend her classes." A.M.

Sonja's interview with (2022)

Sonja's performance and interview at Drugačija televizija (2018)

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