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Beginner and advanced group - season 2021/2022

Regular courses in oriental - belly dance in the Apolon Centar Zagreb, 21 Antuna Bauera Street 4th floor

Dance of primal femininity with Sonja

Although it is a dance, in itself it entails exercising the flexibility of the whole body, especially the torso. That is why it is exceptionally healthy, just like an excercise by itself.

Dates, groups and prices:

Beginner level group on Wednesdays 19:15 - 20:45 (90 minutes) 220kn per month, drop-in 60kn

Advanced level group on Wednesdays 17:30 - 19:00 (90 minutes) 240kn per month, drop-in 70kn

When do we start?

Courses start Wednesday September 8th 2021. Enrollment in progress, pre-orders at or

Is this dance for me?

There are no age restrictions, women of golden age easily master the movements, each according to their own abilities, of course, so it benefits female health at every age. This dance is learned primarily for one’s own pleasure in movement and awareness of one’s body, so there are no limitations of body mass, age or fitness level.

Everyone is welcome!

Which equipment do I need?

For training, wear comfortable clothes in which you can easily move (T-shirt, tracksuit, leggings), socks - we dance barefoot, and please bring a scarf or a shawl that you can tie around your hips.

Why should I book a place?

In order to reduce the health risks caused by coronavirus, and create a safe and cheerful dance atmosphere at the Apolon Centar Zagreb, which is an indispensable factor in the full experience and energy of training, we reduced the number of participants in groups and provided all necessary protection measures recommended by CNIPH. It is mandatory to use disinfectants and wear a protective mask when entering the premises of the Apolon Centar Zagreb.

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