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Intensive Weekend Course Of Oriental (Belly) Dance - beginner level

For all of you who, in one weekend, want to:

- learn the basic movements of belly dancing

- repeat and practice the movements, if you had danced before but haven't danced for a long time now

- discover new possibilities of your body through the dance of primal femininity

- become aware of a new self-confidence that you did not even know you had inside of yourself

- socialize in a circle of women with a common interest and passion for oriental dance

- have fun and cheer up ...

We believe you are curious! You want to dance, don't you? You just need to take the first step!

Do you want to make sure that you can join the regular belly (oriental) dance course, on a weekly basis, as you haven’t gotten around to joining at the beginning?

Since the regular course has been running for several months now, participation in this weekend course is a prerequisite for joining the regular weekly trainings.

This is an amazing opportunity for you!

Dance of primal femininity - an intensive weekend course

Dates: Saturday and Sunday, November 27 and 28, 2021 from 4 to 7 p.m.

A total of 6 hours of training (3 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday), short breaks included.

Who can participate?

Everyone can participate: those who are just curious and would like to try belly dancing once or join the beginner group of a regular weekly belly (oriental) dance course.

We offer this fun course to everyone, without any restrictions or the necessary prior knowledge.

To absolute beginners as well!

For women of all ages and bodily constitutions, with more or less physical fitness.

You matter.

Your good feeling and self-satisfaction.

The dance of primal femininity gives you just that.

Dancing is for everyone!

With the belly dance of primal femininity, the inner beauty of every woman comes to the fore and comes to the surface. This becomes visible through every gentle movement of your body, arms or hips and through elegant movement in everyday life.

And once you are enchanted by the wavy movements, which are at the same time excellent physical activity, when you indulge in oriental musical notes, you will want to repeat it more and more....

The benefits of belly dancing

Belly dancing entails exercising the flexibility of the whole body, especially the torso. That is why it is exceptionally healthy, just like an exercise by itself. There are no age restrictions, women from adolescence to advanced age easily master the movements, of course, each according to their own abilities, and they feel the specific benefits of it, so belly dancing benefits female health at every age. There are no restrictions based on body weight, fitness, etc. - this dance is learned primarily for one's own pleasure in movement and awareness of one's own body.

What will be done at the weekend course?

On each of the two days of the weekend course, we will do the warm-up first, then the movement technique, and the movements will be accompanied by music and we'll practice them. We will end our classes stretching our muscles and relaxing. And of course with applause. Good fun is guaranteed!

What do I need?

All you need is good will! No worries, you don’t need special costumes, nor sequins or coin-belts. They come when you master the basics. Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move easily (T-shirt, tracksuit, leggings), socks - we dance barefoot, and bring a scarf or a shawl that you can tie around your hips.

And now read about the benefits we offer you in November, the month of the discounts!

This intensive weekend course of 6 hours of training you will not pay at the full price of 500 kn, but less than that.

EARLY BIRD SAVINGS - discounts for earlier payments

Catch the EARLY BIRD opportunity, sign up and pay for your Intensive Weekend Oriental (Belly) Dance Course by Wednesday November 24, 2021 and you pay 400 kn (100 kn discount!)

And if you bring a friend, colleague, sister, mom, family member or neighbour along to this Weekend Course, each of you pays 350 kn!

We grant an additional EARLY BIRD discount especially for the active members of the Apolon Centar Zagreb, so the payment amount until Wednesday, November 24, 2021 for you is only: 300 kn.


Due to the limited number of places, in order to participate in the Intensive Weekend Oriental (Belly) Dance Course you need to pre-register by e-mail: no later than Friday, November 26, 2021.

Pre-registration becomes valid by paying the full amount of the donation.

You will receive payment information when we receive your pre-registration.

We look after you and ourselves!

In order to reduce the health risks caused by coronavirus, and create a safe and cheerful dance atmosphere at the Apolon Centar Zagreb, which is an indispensable factor in the full experience and energy of training, we reduced the number of participants in groups and provided all necessary protection measures recommended by CNIPH. It is mandatory to use disinfectants and wear a protective mask when entering the premises of the Apolon Centar Zagreb. If you have any symptoms (fever, cough, weakness, etc.) please stay at home.

About the instructor:

The weekend seminar and regular course is led by instructor Sonja,, who has been dancing for many years and has been devoted to oriental dance since the very beginning of 2005. She won the 2008 Oriental Dance Contest, after which she began to teach dance and thus gained considerable experience in teaching. Her dance education in Croatia, Egypt, Hungary and Slovenia with leading Croatian and world renowned oriental dance teachers is extensive. Thanks to her specific teaching style, combined with a cheerful spirit and a sense of humour, Sonja's classes end with a spontaneous applause, and the participants leave the class with smiles on their faces.

Come check it out! See you soon!

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