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New dance season

Dear dancers, and those who are about to become dancers,

On Wednesday September 7th our new oriental dance training season is starting, and I hereby invite you to pre-register for a place in the group, since we are forming the groups until Friday September 2nd, and we expect your application by then at the latest. We are looking forward to spending time, dancing and laughing together again.

We adapt our pricing to the reality we live in, so that we can still forget about that reality in our classes, and continue to maintain the quality of the content and the pleasant feeling. Also, at the dawn of the introduction of the EUR, we follow the trends as well. In line with all of this, we are also introducing new options in the payment of the monthly fee.

Monthly membership fee (for 4 weeks per month of 90 minutes per training, which is 6 hours of training per month) from September 1st 2022 is 300 HRK, and from January 1st 2023 is 40 EUR. NEW! We offer the possibility of quarterly payment of the membership fee (3 months in advance), whereby you get a significant discount! In that case, instead of paying 3 × 300 HRK = 900 HRK, you pay 750 HRK once for 3 monthly membership fees. After January 1st 2023 in the case of a one-time payment for 3 months of the membership fee, it will amount to only EUR 100 with this discount.

I hope for dance, growth and development together soon!

Your Sonja and Apolon centar

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