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Special opportunity in October 2023 - FREE open CLASS of beginner BELLY DANCE

Dear ladies,

we are happy to invite you to finally try the movements of belly dancing yourself, ask whatever you are interested in about oriental dance and dispel some prejudices. Take this special opportunity to see what the class looks like, meet the instructor, sway your hips, listen to the sound of hip scarves, and discover new possibilities of your body through the dance of primal femininity.

Ladies of all ages and of all body constitutions are invited, regardless of your previous dance experience. Your good feeling and self-satisfaction are important in the dance of primal femininity - you matter!

Suitable clothes for the class:

As for any other exercise, wear comfortable clothes in which you can move easily: leggings, tracksuit, cotton T-shirt, socks.


You can seize this special opportunity on Sunday 1 October, the free open class will be held from 17:30 till 19:00 (90-minute duration).


Make sure to pre-register for your spot at the free class. To pre-register, send an email to Without pre-registration it is not possible to participate in the class.

Participation in the free class is without obligation, whereas interested participants have the opportunity to enrol and priority when enrolling in the regular beginner course of belly dance, which begins on 4 October 2023.


Apolon Center Zagreb, 2 Antuna Nemčića Street, 4th floor


Here you can find out more about Sonja:

Come and spend a fun Sunday afternoon with us, hear something new and see why our oriental dance course is in demand!

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